Every Child Matters

All students need to be given the opportunity to participate and achieve in a wide range of curriculum areas and other activities.

In February 2013 Newbridge was awarded the gold standard award and Enhanced healthy schools status for our outstanding pupil participation.

Is your child adopted from care or previously looked-after but now living with you under a Special Guardianship Order (SGO)? If so, s/he is entitled to government funding called Pupil Premium Plus, which schools use to help previously looked-after children get the best possible support for education.

In order to access this funding, we need to record your child as previously looked-after on our census in January. Please be assured this information will be treated as confidential and will not be shared with other parties. If you would like us to ensure we access the Pupil Premium Plus to further support your child, please contact the school as soon as possible so that we can arrange for you to pop in with your adoption order/SGO.

The school provides (supported by parents and carers):

Be HealthyAccess to the School Nurse.
Access to a Counsellor and/or mentoring from school staff.
Bereavement counselling available within school for anyone who might need it.
Curriculum that delivers advice and guidance on elements of personal care and first aid, friendship and mental health
Curriculum that delivers high quality PSHE education including sexual awareness and drugs education by specialist trained teachers.
Healthy School Award achieved.(Enhanced status)
Stay SafeClass and whole school rules taught to pupils either through tutor time or in assemblies and regularly confirmed and rewarded by the house system (including gifts/awards for house point totals)
Whole school health and safety audit carried out.
Special provision for youngsters needing additional support at break, lunch times and early morning.
Safeguarding procedures in place with any concerns dealt with as a matter of urgency.
Harassment dealt with immediately and at Headteacher level
Strong anti-bullying policy and procedures
Curriculum that delivers high quality PSHE education including e-safety CEOP lessons, anti-bullying, conflict resolution, safety and staying safe taught in spiral way to suit developing and maturing young people.
Enjoy and achieveLessons taught in a variety of ways recognising that pupils have a variety of learning styles.
High expectations of all pupils.
Variety of extra-curricular activities.
Curriculum Theme Days and Activities Week allowing new skills and ideas to be learnt alongside pupils that they may not normally work with.
A strong Progress file/ROA with skills taught and routine praise and recognition
Homework/computer clubs and the library/study centre available every day with adult support
Pupil support with the tutor and a mentor for some.
Regular sporting/Art and music/performing arts opportunities
Make a positive contributionOpportunities to become involved in sports and art activities. Pupils also able to help with Parents Evenings. Class assemblies allowing pupil input and charity fundraising events.
Close links to the local community and volunteering through the PSHE and careers curriculum and special events.
And achieve economic well beingHigh academic expectations of all pupils so that they are aware of their attainment levels and next steps required to improve still further.
Regular reports and parent’s evenings so that parents can support their young people in achieving these aspirational targets.
Real time tracking and regular monitoring and evaluation of attainment and progress (by teachers, leaders and governors) to know about and tackle underachievement quickly
World of Work day run as an annual event for all year groups, incorporating visits to University and local businesses, work shadowing and listening to a variety of outside speakers.