The Governors of Newbridge High School welcome you.

The Governors of the school meet at least twice each term to receive reports and ask questions about the workings of the school from the Headteacher(s), other staff and sub-committees. There are two elected teacher governors, two elected parents, and seven other governors. Their core roles are:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  • Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance
    of the school and its students, and the performance management of
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure
    its money is well spent.

The structure of the Governing Board is as follows:

Full Governing Board ratifies all decisions of the sub committees:

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  • Standards Committee: monitors all aspects of the development plan concerned with curriculum and assessment, monitors achievement, progress, the quality teaching and leadership and management.
  • Finance and Resources Committee: agrees the budget, monitors the academy’s finances, allocation of staff, and staff performance.
  • Pay Committee: makes decisions about pay progression and undertakes the performance management of the Headteacher. Parent Liaison Committee: listens to parents and monitors the ways in which the school communicates with and responds to parental voice.

Governors regularly visit the school as part of their three core functions.

The Governing Board

  • Chair of Governors:
    • Mr Martin Clifford (Community)
  • Vice Chair of Governors
    • Mr James Harrald (Parent)
  • Parent Governors:
    • Mr Martin Clifford
    • Mr James Harrald
    • Mr Duncan Kingham
    • Mr Paul Wardle
  • Community Governors:
    • Mr Roger Cairns
    • Mrs Tracey Morton
    • Mrs Yvonne Springthorpe
    • Mrs Fiona Williamson
  • Staff Governors:
    • Mrs Samantha Billington
    • Mrs Michala Brown
    • Mrs Katrina Farragher (Head of School)
    • Mrs Sally Vallance
  • Clerk to Governors:
    • Mrs Sarah Brookes

Register of Business Interests

The Academy has received declarations for the Register of Business Interests.   The declarations are that the following association(s) with which either governors’ immediate family or the governor are connected or which could be construed as area of pecuniary
interest.  The list below identifies any companies, charities, industrial and provident societies, co-operative societies, other school governorship, or other bodies corporate that (to their knowledge) are active in the Academy and in which the governor or any person closely connected with the governor have a substantial interest.


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