Art is part of the Creative Arts department at Newbridge. Students are taught in block rotation in  years 7 and 8 and will use a variety of skills developed in all areas throughout the department. Within Art, students are encouraged to experiment, be creative and enjoy using a variety of media. They are also encouraged to develop their skills and learn to use different media in a variety of ways to express their own ideas through the study of a range of artists and art history.

Year 7:

Introduction to the use of materials and basic drawing techniques, focusing on colour as the theme. In the second rotation, students will work more with colour looking at colour families and mark making techniques to create texture. Students will also complete an investigation into an Artist of their choice. We aim to build their confidence and knowledge and appreciation of Art.

Year 8:

Students will develop observational and pencil drawing skills to complete still life studies and self portraits. Students move on to table top printing where students are expected to review colour mixing skills learnt in year 7 and create some printed paper with which they will create collage and paper weaving pieces. In the second rotation students will return to portraiture where they will look more in depth at the different features of faces and how to draw them. Students will study 2 different portraiture Artists before creating their own portrait. Students will be able to work with a variety of different media to develop their confidence and creativity

Year 9:

Students will work with the Elements and Principles of Art to develop their understanding of how Artists work, they will look at a range of different Artists to help them understand how they can apply these Artistic rules to their own work.Students will work on a GCSE style project to give them a flavour of what they could be doing in Year 10-11, they will be encouraged to develop their own artwork based on a selection of given starting points. They will complete a GCSE style project using GCSE Assessment Objectives and produce a final piece based on their own studies.

Examples Of Work